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Querying 101: How to Get Your Manuscript out of the Slushpile

Advice for authors straight from the source. Stephanie is an agent scout and developmental editor turned author coach to help authors strive during their author journey! Slushpile: A set of unsolicited query letters or manuscripts that have either been directly sent to a publisher by an author, or which have been delivered via a literary agent representing the author who may or may not be…

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Querying 101: Top 4 Questions To Ask Before Hitting Send

Hello, my fellow writers! Today I wanted to talk to you about the slushpile! dun… dun… DUNNNN! Okay… so it’s not AS scary as it seems, or at least it shouldn’t be. Today, we’re going to dive deep into what the slushpile is and how we can make sure your manuscript and your query stay far from it! A slush pile is just a set of queries and…

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