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Once you've written your book, take the next step with a developmental edit that focuses on the structure, continuity, and big-picture message of your novel.

"Developmental editors are concerned with the structure and con­tent of your book. If your manuscript lacks focus, your DE will help you find the right direction—the “right” direction generally being the most marketable."

During a developmental edit, we will first start off with a kick-off call, typically 15 minutes, to discuss timeline and your initial quote. This phone call is for you to get to know your editor and for your editor to ensure that your novel is in the best hands.

After the call, your editor will immediately begin working on the manuscript, focusing on big-picture editing, identifying and resolving plot holes, providing suggestions on character development, naturalizing dialogue, strengthening structure, pacing, sensory details, and setting. Your editor’s goal is to enhance your current work for an immersive and compelling reading experience.

Your novel will go through two full rounds of edits which include margin comments within the manuscript document, an extensive editorial letter that expands any feedback and overall suggestions for revision, and a final phone call with your editor to answer any questions or concerns and discuss publishing/marketing goals to help pave the way to making your novel a success.

A developmental edit starts at $.01 per word.

For example, if your total word count for your manuscript is 55,000 words then your developmental edit will cost $550. If your total word count is 100,000 words, your developmental edit will cost $1,000.

These costs include an initial 15-minute phone call, two rounds of edits, a detailed editorial letter, and a final 30-minute phone call.

Please fill out the form below for a quote and an editor will be in contact within 24 hours.

Alongside answering the preliminary questions within the form, you must include an attachment of your manuscript as a Word Document and a short synopsis of your book. *No spoilers please!* 🙂

It is highly recommended to share your publishing and marketing goals for you and your editor to discuss in more detail during your final phone call.

Young Adult

Contemporary, Romance, Chick lit, Dystopian, Paranormal Romance

Women’s Fiction

Contemporary, Mystery, Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Historical Fiction

If you have fully finished your manuscript and are ready to begin querying to agents but have not had any sort of editing on your manuscript aside from beta-reader feedback and self-edits, then your manuscript is ready for a professional developmental editor to take a look.

A professional developmental edit will look at plot holes, character development, pacing, sensory details and much more. Although Book2Publish editors will make grammatical corrections if seen, their main priority is to focus on just the developmental edit process. By focusing on other aspects such as grammatical errors, sentence structure, and fact-checking, it will take away from fully being able to delve into the story itself and provide you with a strong developmental edit.

To learn more about the different stages of editing, click here.

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