Overcome Writer’s Block and Get Excited About Writing with These 4 Tips

Writer’s Block: The thing we all wish didn’t exist. (Am I the only one?)

We’ve all been there, we’re flying through our word count and feeling inspired one moment and the next we’re… stuck.

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Since you’re here, you’re probably dealing with writer’s block or trying to make sure you never *ever* deal with it again. Here are a few tips.


Our lives revolve around social media and anything technology related. Heck, even our vacuums are automated.

This can even be a helpful tip to prevent any sort of writing block, but disconnecting from the Internet and all the craziness that surrounds the web is necessary when writing.

PRO TIP: If you enjoy writing on your laptop, keep your computer unplugged as you’re writing and once you start reaching low battery, plug your charger back in and take a break while it’s charging!

Take some off-screen time, maybe talk with friends and family, go for a walk, get some lunch. Breaks in between writing will help you pace yourself and make sure you don’t get drained.


Speaking of the World Wide Web, there are so many great online communities, groups, and forums that you can join to speak to other writers! If you live in an area with a large writing community or influence, you’ll be able to find meetups to join.

Spend some time each week to talk to others about writing, not just your WIP but also writing in general. Bookish people are fun! Nerd out about your favorite reads or writing quirks with people that can relate with you.

Writing can get lonely, but it doesn’t have to be!

I’ve always realized that when I’m in a predicament, talking about it helps me see my situation from a different perspective. Same goes for your writing. Talking with other people, or just discussing similar scenarios, will allow you to look at your writing and your novel through a new perspective.

Sharing your struggles and successes with others is also helpful because they can provide you with feedback and vice-versa! This can also help you get excited again about writing!

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Social Media

Remember what I mentioned about talking to people that get you? Lucky for you, social media can be used for good!

Follow your favorite authors and even other writers in the community to see what they’re up to. Many times, you’ll find agents and editors dishing out some helpful advice, too!

Social media is great because you can use it to your advantage with getting a closer look at your favorite authors and writing-buddies while also getting the chance to ask them questions or interact in discussions!

Also, let’s not forget to mention that the sooner you start building your author platform – the better!

So get on social media and use it to benefit you as a writer rather than as a source of distraction.

Get Creative

The worst part about writer’s block is when you’re feeling creative but no matter how much you try, the writing just… isn’t great.

If you’re feeling this way, instead of getting frustrated, unleash your creative outlet on something other than writing!

Maybe take up knitting or start painting. Getting into a routine of doing something creative, even if you’re doing it for the first time, will help you, in turn, get excited about your writing.

Just like you would get excited for buying paint materials or a new cycling class, you can begin to use that as a way to get back into writing feeling renewed.

Remember, no one is going to tell you writing is easy. And if someone does, then they don’t even know the half of it!

Stay motivated, stay inspired, and get to writing!

Until next time, my bookish friends!

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